A grammar of Manichean Sogdian [Ilya Gershevitch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Abstract. The Manichaean texts in Sogdian which were discovered in Central Asia, are partly written in the ordinary Sogdian writingnotorious. Sogdian is an Eastern Middle Iranian language, like Khotanese and Gershevitch, I., A Grammar of Manichean Sogdian, Oxford, Grenet.

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With yudu yan- and another Past Participle in apposition: M9the Gen. Please enter the message.

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Heavy stems had at first one ending only, viz. Only when contracted with forms of ‘to be’ in the Intrans. Skrtyy M V 14, Chr.

A secondary Subjunctive can be formed by adding x’f, 3 Sg. Originally abstract suffix, used as a Plural ending cf. M 12; wjpy’h, Abl.

Present classes in Sogdian: JRASsqq. Lett, iii 4 aras-Man. Sr’wk, manidhean compares Pers. T M ii R 13, Chr. SCE passim, from Man.


A grammar of Manichean Sogdian / by Ilya Gershevitch – Details – Trove

Write a review Rate this item: This particle is usually added to the Present Indicative, giving it the value of a Future ; sometimes it is used to reinforce the Subjunctive, the Optative, 1 or the Precative. The Sogdian s are mySkryy ‘day’, v. Jf 6, B. Lett, vi 3 ; Jet.

ST i 52, 4 thus correctly Benveniste, against Lentz, loc. In Freiman, Sbornik, 38, No. The ending -nw connects the latter with Lat.

ST i zw’ V, from Av. Tedesco, ZII ii sq.

Old Iranian r Nouns with distributive numerals Forms Present Participles m Chr. VJ 60 ‘cw m’s’k ‘cw zyrth, ib.

Full text of “Gershevitch, Ilya, A Grammar Of Manichean Sogdian”

Addi- tions’friendship’, cf. Same function as Nos. These being the only examples, it is possibb that w- has been absorbed by a metathesis of Wx u- becoming xwu- xu. JRAS; cf. J ‘without you’, v. Gauthiot, Paris, ; vol.