The Fourth Way is the most comprehensive statement thus far published of the ideas taught by the late P.D. Ouspensky. Consisting of verbatim records of his. The term ‘Fourth Way’ is a term Ouspensky adopted from George Gurdjieff. But although the name ‘Fourth Way’ appears for the first time in the twentieth century, . The Fourth Way is a way – a path. As such, it can only be understood by traversing it. The ‘system’ as presented by Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, is a twentieth .

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Nov 02, Kalina is currently reading it. Open Preview See a Problem? We have many imaginary things we must throw off before we can come to real things. The problem is that Ouspensky hides behind words and fails to explore his ideas any further than what he wants to focus on. Gurdjieff taught “sacred dances” or “movements”, now known as Gurdjieff movementswhich they performed together as a group.

The system defined the psychology of man to great detail. It emphasizes that people ordinarily live in a state referred to as a semi-hypnotic “waking sleep,” while higher levels of consciousness, virtue, unity of will are possible. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. You find a whole piece of yourself which was lost but once you get it, you don’t know what to do with it because it’s too much to bear it.

Ouspensky on the Fourth Way – George Gurdjieff | Be Community

It may gradually assume an emotional, religions hue; or it may gradually assume an intellectual, academic hue. The path to awakening is therefore synonymous to the path towards self-knowledge. Schools of the fourth way exist for the needs of the work which is being carried out in connection with the proposed undertaking.

Jan 07, Paul Lord rated it it was ok. Modern science altogether overlooks this principle, directing its focus onto smaller or greater worlds while losing sight of man; modern psychology errs in the other extreme, by focusing on man and disregarding his resemblance to the greater and smaller worlds around him. Some of these latter ideas are to say at least weird, but the authenticity and value of the psychological section is unquestionable I should know, since I’m the poster child for exemplifying everything that is written in there.


Ouspensky on the Fourth Way

Man is naturally in a state of self-ignorance. Gurdjieff said that his Fourth Way was a quicker means than the first three ways because it simultaneously combined work on all three centers rather than focusing on one. The term “Fourth Way” was further used by his student P. But when you look at the dialogue between Ouspensky and the other person, they are insistently asking what Ouspensky means by some of his definitions, but he refuses to answer and repeatedly says “figure it out for yourself by practice and you will understand”.

He was subsequently struck by how other students failed to give it the proper significance, while people uninvolved in the work disregarded it altogether — often under the excuse that they already remembered themselves.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But when I put my feelings aside and try to interpret the meaning of his ideas without explicitly knowingthey still don’t make sense. The Fourth Way addresses the question of humanity’s place in the Universe and the possibilities of inner development. In the greater universal scheme of things, there existed a general downward movement of growth: There is debate regarding the ability to use Gurdjieff’s ideas through groups.

I open it to random pages and “work” from there. I literally thought to myself “he probably abandoned the system” before having read it, because there’s no way anyone could rationally live with such absurd ouspeensky.

The system began to bar the way. It will become more evident as he progresses along the path.


Jul 08, William rated it it was amazing Shelves: We are also unable to remember a total self that is congruent with all sides of ourselves. This book took me six months to crawl through and though painful at times was worth the effort. Hence, the Fourth Way ouspenwky organic: The laws and phenomenon that occur within him are identical to those manifesting outside of him.

Know Thyself, traditionally ascribed to Socrates, actually stands at the foundation of any genuine teaching.

The Fourth Way (book) – Wikipedia

Such efforts may be made as an act of will after one is already exhausted. Apr 28, TW Yeung rated it liked it.

He was also seen as an esotericist or occultist. Jan 19, James Beezhold added it. While lecturing in London inhe announced that he would continue independently the way he had begun in More poetry than a dozen poetry volumes will contain. That’s a shame, ouspensiy then Ouspensky said that the Fourth Way will never be popular because it demands effort.

The Fourth Way is considered to be the most comprehensive statement of Gurdjieff’s ideas as taught by Ouspensky. It has no specific forms or institutions and comes and goes controlled by some particular laws 4tj its own.

There are quite a lot of concepts covered, but the main ones are that we are not conscious, do not self-remember, are mechanical and have 4 centers: These are the broad and narrow ways 4thh in the Gospels and likened by Gurdjieff to acorns in a field.

Self-knowledge is not flattering, and man will tend to study anything but himself. I highly recommend this book since it’s true knowledge for me and it’s golden because its practical.