Terluin B. De Vierdimensionale Klachtenlijst (4DKL). Een vragenlijst voor het meten van distress, depressie, angst en somatisatie [The Four-Dimensional. In non-clinical (working) populations it is important to differentiate between general distress, on the one hand, and psychiatric. Een vragenlijst voor het meten van distress, depressie, angst en somatisatie. Wat meet de Vierdimensionale Klachtenlijst (4DKL) in vergelijking met enkele.

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To what extent does the anxiety scale of the Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire 4DSQ detect specific types of anxiety disorder in primary care? Br J Gen Pract.

Translation, validation, and norming of the Dutch language version of the SF Health Survey 4dll community and chronic disease populations. Eur J Public Health ; 26 3: BT received fees from various institutions for workshops on the application of the 4DSQ in primary care settings.

The first set was used to explore the data and develop the models; the second set was used to test vragenkijst. Apparently, the 4-factor model was the most appropriate model.

The social work clients study G showed relatively low mean scores for Somatization and Anxiety, compared with the other selected samples. De Somatisatieschaal vraagt naar een scala aan functionele lichamelijke klachten. Table 3 Means and standard deviations of the 4DSQ scores across the study samples. Replicated factor structure of the Beck Depression Inventory.

Click here for file 24K, pdf. The Somatization scale measures a range of common physical symptoms, known to be related to distress or psychopathology.


Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire (4DSQ)

Study H was designed to test the reliability and validity of the 4DSQ in physiotherapy patients [ 59 ]. This criterion is not meant to vraenlijst a true gold standard for somatization, but rather a reasonable indicator of somatization i.

Does that imply that those three scales independently contributed to the “explanation” of the GHQ score?

Home Research Lifestyle, Overweight and Diabetes. The patients filled in the 4DSQ at both occasions. The 4DSQ Distress scale appears to measure the most general, most common, expression of psychological problems. Given the unknown reliability of the criterion, any relationship with the 4DSQ Somatization score can be interpreted as supporting validity of the 4DSQ Somatization scale. Stress-related measures were recorded in studies A, B, and G. Studies A and G used a simple 5-item questionnaire, inquiring after limitations in social functioning experienced in the following domains: Study vragenlijwt Distress range 0—32 Depression range 0—12 Anxiety range 0—24 Somatization range 0—32 A 9.

Elevated scores on Depression or Anxiety 4dkll virtually always accompanied by elevated Distress scores, whereas the reverse was not true. De 4DKL heeft als doel stresssymptomen te onderscheiden van depressie, angst en somatisatie.

4DKL Vragenlijst – Datec Psychologische Tests

The questionnaire was filled in by patients. Vragenlijdt Fam Pract ; 17 1: Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidswetenschappen Huisarts Wet ; Comparing the mean scores across samples provided already an aspect of construct validity.

Systematic review of measurement properties of questionnaires measuring somatization in primary care patients.

Study D was designed to investigate the reliability and validity of the Short Depression Interview SDI to assess depressive symptoms and to diagnose major depression [ 22 ]. Therefore, we performed linear regression analyses with the comparison questionnaires as dependent variables and the 4DSQ scales as independent variables in order to partial out the relative contributions of the 4DSQ scales to the “explanation” of the comparison questionnaires.


Veagenlijst, depending on the circumstances and the patient’s history, the doctor might decide to wait and 4dkk, and to re-evaluate the patient a few weeks later, or to continue with a psychiatric diagnostic interview. Man Ther ; Social functioning measures were recorded in studies A, F and G. Reliability of the 4DSQ scales is high with alpha-coefficients ranging from 0. J Occup Rehabil ; Associated Data Supplementary Materials Additional file 1 Reliability, precision and smallest detectable change.

The questions were answered on a 5-point scale from “not at all limited” to “very severely limited”, and sum scores of the 5 items were used.

Voor zwangere vrouwen is een aparte normgroep beschikbaar. Beschrijving De 4DKL meet vier dimensies van psychopathologie: De vragen betreffen de periode van de afgelopen week en worden beantwoord op een 5-puntsschaal: Psychometric properties Reliability of the 4DSQ scales is high with alpha-coefficients ranging from 0.